Friday Fish

This is the easiest most tasty fish ever! It is flaky and moist. It is literally in the oven in 5 minutes and on the table within 30. It makes less expensive fish taste spectacular. You may want to make a double batch because folks will want seconds. The ingredients are covered in the pantry. Enjoy, and hand it down!

Cheesy Horseradish Tilapia


1/2 cup  chopped onion (soften in the microwave for 2 minutes)

4 cloves garlic minced (I like to use a garlic press to get the garlic really smashed and mixed in)

2 T. horseradish (Make those heaping and not “sauce.” Get horseradish in vinegar and salt.)

3/4 C  jack or parmesan cheese

3/4 C light sour cream

4 or 5 Tilapia filets (or whatever fish you like)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix the first 5 ingredients and evenly cover the fish. Bake for 15-20 minutes and then broil for 3-4 minutes. (This all depends on how you like your fish cooked.)


About Comfort Cooking On Island Time

There are two things I can't resist; an old recipe handed down and passed around, and the beach. Growing up in the midwest I was introduced to true comfort food but always dreamed of a different landscape, and climate. Recently I acquired a 50 year old beach house. While stumbling after the great cooks of my past, I am focused on a future with cool waves and gently breezes......and watermelon rind pickles of course!
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