Not yo mama’s taco meat

Not yo mama’s taco meat

This is the best taco meat. It is very flavorful and has melted cheese all over the top so no need to add shredded cheese when building the taco. This removes one step and gets the yumminess in your mouth even faster. The onions get caramelized when cooked in a cast iron skillet with the ground beef. The chicken adds a different layer of flavor. Oh my goodness.



1 and 1/2 lb ground beef

1c chopped grilled chicken breast (grill several breasts and keep them in the freezer to make quick meals)

1/4 c chopped onion

1 packet taco seasoning (or add 3 T chili powder, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp garlic salt, 1 tsp onion powder)

1 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp rep pepper flakes

1/2 tsp ground red pepper

1/2 tsp garlic powder

Juice of 1 lime

1 c shredded cheese (jack and cheddar mixed)


Brown the ground beef with the onion in a cast iron skillet on high heat. Turn down to medium heat, add the chopped chicken, taco seasoning packet, and all the spices.Simmer for 10 minutes. Squeeze in the lime and simmer for 5 minutes. Spread the cheese on top and let it melt.

Making tacos.

The secret to great tacos, besides this cheesy meat is putting sour cream on the inside of the shell before you add anything else. I use a short, fat butter knife and spread it on. The beef goes in next, pico de Gallo, and taco sauce if using.


About Comfort Cooking On Island Time

There are two things I can't resist; an old recipe handed down and passed around, and the beach. Growing up in the midwest I was introduced to true comfort food but always dreamed of a different landscape, and climate. Recently I acquired a 50 year old beach house. While stumbling after the great cooks of my past, I am focused on a future with cool waves and gently breezes......and watermelon rind pickles of course!
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3 Responses to Not yo mama’s taco meat

  1. Brandice says:

    I made tacos yesterday!!!! And I used everything but the chicken…wasn’t in my freezer. This was GREAT! Thanks again for a good recipe!

  2. Sweet!!!! I just love how all those flavors get together in the ground meat.

  3. Amber says:

    Yum! These tacos look fantastic! I will have to try putting the sour cream at the bottom. I usually put melted cheese in the bottom of taco shells in the hopes that it doesn’t crumble.

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