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I have taken all the info I have read on low carb, real food, and being healthy and condensed it all down to these top 8 tips that are, what I hope to be, the key to weight loss and a healthy body and spirit. These are my 8 life changers. My plan is to put these 8 changes into action for 14 days. I have been playing with a lot of these ideas for a few months, but had yet to build a plan and experiment with all I had learned.  I have especially changing the way I cook, little by little, so I had some recipes ready to go to start the experiment. You can find them under the low carb categories on the right side bar.

8 Greats For Less Weight (and a healthier me)

1.     Begin each day by thanking God for your body and life.

2.     EAT REAL FOOD that is yummy and satisfying; organic when possible. Drink lots of good water. Lean meats and lots of  vegetables are key. Fruits, eggs, cheese, greek yogurt, nuts, beans, and good fats (butter, ghee, avocados, olive oil coconut oil, yum!) are in.”White foods” like potatoes, flour, pasta, rice and other grains,  as well as cereals and other processed foods- all out! If it comes out of a container, all the ingredients should be recognized as a food, not a chemical.

3.     Work out 30 minutes 4 times a week incorporating cardio, yoga and weights.

4.     Take super enzymes, probiotics, one baby aspirin, milk thistle with 420g of silymarin, one shot of organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother), and vitamin C each day. Super enzymes and probiotics two or three times a day with meals.

5.     Take some time to relax each day and shoot for 8 hours of sleep each night.

6.     Keep carbs between 50-100 g a day for optimum weight loss. Mark’s Daily Apple for more on this. Watch the fruit. The carbs can add up. Berries are low in carbs. Eat plenty of protein and fats when cutting out carbs. You will not be hungry if you do this. Eggs, cottage cheese, and greek yogurt are a great way to get some quick protein.

7. Cut out nitrates (Found in cured bacon and lunch meats. There are great uncured alternatives out there.), BPA (found in cans and some plastics), and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and use natural products on the body that are free of parabens, sulfites, and chemicals in general as much as possible. I use coconut oil as a moisturizer and Neutrogena has some products you can find at the grocery store.

8.  Use the “Lose It!” app to track calories, protein, fat, and carbs consumed.

Try it for 14 days and post your comments and progress. I will post some great recipes using The Low Carb Pantry items. Almond flour is my new best friend, cause sometimes I just want to eat something “muffin-y.” Check back in a week for my first update.

The Glycemic Load Diet by Dr. Robert Thompson is a great resource to get started and gain an understanding of carbs and what they do to the body. It was the first book I read on this topic, and then I couldn’t quit looking for stuff to read. At the bottom of the blog you can find the book in the GoodReads section along with other great resources. Wheat Belly is a great book too!

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April 30, 2013

If you have tried and tried to lose weight, even cut carbs down to nothing and still no progress, experts say it could be because of a fatty liver. Heal the liver and the rest will follow!

The following 14 foods cleanse the liver according to The Global Healing Center. There are explanations of each of these foods as to their positive affects on the site. If you are following “8 Greats for Less Weight” and are interested in healing your liver, good news, these foods all fit in. So to get your liver back into tip top shape, focus on eating as many of these specific foods when choosing veggies, and fruits each day and follow the other “8 Greats for Less Weight” tips.

  • Garlic
  • Grapefruit
  • Carrots
  • Green Tea
  • Leafy Greens
  • Avocados
  • Apples
  • Olive Oil
  • Whole Grains??? What???? Not processed, refined grains, if you decide to eat these.
  • Cruciferous veggies
  • Lemons/Limes
  • Walnuts
  • Cabbage
  • Turmeric
  • Artichoke
  • Asparagus
  • Kale
  • Brussel sprouts

And add:

  • Milk Thistle with 420 mg silymarin
  • A shot of apple cider vinegar

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Week One

I have followed the 8 Greats for Less Weight for 7 days now. Here are the results so far and my thoughts on the week.

Stats- These are my average numbers for the week.

  • Protein- 82.9 g (25%)
  • Carbs-87.5 g (27%)
  • Fat-69g (48%)
  • Calories-1407 (for the record, but wasn’t counting)
  • Exercise- 5 days for a total of 115 minutes (not that much)
  • Weight Loss- 2lbs!


I was NEVER hungry and waiting for my next unsatisfying meal like “diets” of the past.   I looked forward to eating because of the yummy and great tasting foods I had to choose from. I ate butter, steak, bacon, raw nuts, avocados, and cheese without feeling guilty. All the years I tried to follow low-fat diets, I felt so hungry and deprived and never got to eat these foods.


I decided on a “Freebee Friday” which was whatever I wanted for lunch on Friday. I had Five Guys; hamburger and french fries with a club soda (780 calories according to the Lose It! app). Let’s just stop and let that soak in for a minute……. I admit it. I ate that. It was only one meal and only for lunch. According to some sources it helps with weight loss to have a carb meal. This may not have been what they had in mind.

What I did right

I followed the “8 greats.” I ate lots and lots of veggies that were cooked in good oils, mixed with bacon, garlic, some cheese; not boring veggies. I focused on choosing foods from the “Heal Your Liver” food list. I drank lots of water and green tea and focused on working out 4 times (actually worked out 5 times) and getting my sleep. Most important, I watched my carb intake and kept it between 50-100. As you see from the stats above I averaged around 87g. Much lower on most days, but the Friday lunch bumped me up.

What I learned

As I looked back on my food diary I discovered that the 2 days that I ate a high protein breakfast, I was full longer, ate lunch later, and ate less of it. I tend to suffer from indigestion and digestion issues in general. No problems this week.  I also experience some stiffness and a little pain in my feet and ankles in the morning. I had none of that this week. For more info on inflammation,  joint pain and the connection with wheat, check out the book Wheat Belly. I only had wheat once. Remember Five Guys? I feel guilty every time I write that, but I gotta keep it real. If I was that kid on ‘The Middle,” I would whisper it now real soft…….five guys.


  • The 1000 mg of vitamin C upset my stomach. I took it twice then stopped. Won’t be taking it next week.
  • I haven’t incorporated the milk thistle or apple cider vinegar yet. Will add these next week. I bought some unsweetened cranberry juice to add to my apple cider vinegar shot for added health benefits.
  • Going to find ways to shake Turmeric into my food. Not a spice I use, so need to be mindful of it for help with digestion and a healthy liver.




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Week Two Update

Week two went very much like week one, but I didn’t take a Freebee Friday. Carbs average was 75 g for the week and calories average was 1458. Remember, I am not counting calories, but feel they are staying pretty low because I’m not “dieting” and I don’t feel hungry.

What I did right:

  • I added the milk thistle and apple cider vinegar
  • Worked out 4 times 30 minutes each time. I did a combination of tread mill, weights and some crazy free dancing!
  • Lost another 1.5 lbs! (without suffering)

What I learned:

  • I love butter, but found ghee is better for me. So I started using that for the first time.
  • Almond flour makes great baked goods. (will be posting some recipes)
  • You don’t need crust to enjoy pizza, just stack the ingredients like a lasagna and bake. All the yummy flavor is there.


  • I drank wine. Enough said, really.


  • Going to keep it the same and will update again on this page. I hope you will join me and have picked up a couple of books from the Good Reads section at the bottom of the page. They will change the way you think, if you are a carb-o-holic and change your body too. Stay tuned!

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