There are two things I can’t resist; an old  recipe handed down and passed around, and the beach. Growing up in the midwest I was introduced to true comfort food, but always dreamed of a different landscape and climate. Recently I acquired a 50-year-old beach house. While stumbling after the great cooks of my past, I am focused on a future with cool waves and gentle breezes……and watermelon rind pickles of course!

I wrote that paragraph one year ago.

Update March, 2013.

Since then I have begun a sort of eating revolution and I stopped blogging for a while as I realigned my priorities around food, stress, and weight.  Check out my post called “Skid Marks Across My Blog.” I would really like to live another 50 years…… or so and drop 20 pounds. I have decided to take everything I have learned about carbs, insulin, fat, coconut oil, almond flour, yoga, and shenpa and put it into action. Have I tripped onto the key to life by kicking carbs and artificial ingredients? Will this blog survive with a change in focus to low carb eating habits and eating real food, and away from some of the pantry recipes that include “white foods”?? My pantry doesn’t look like it used to (check out the page called The Low Carb Pantry), but my flip-flops are still longing for the sand and I have many new recipes and ideas to hand down. Life is an evolution. Change is good. When we know better, we should do better. So…… healthy, low carb, comfort cooking on island time????? We will see. The experiment has begun. Join me. Send me your thoughts on low carb, real food eating.


5 Responses to Why?

  1. Watermelon rind pickles??!! I’m intrigued.

  2. Chef Emil says:

    I LOVE hand-me-downs, we have forgotten so many of the simple joys of the past. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks Chef! I am getting ready to try some of my grandma’s pickle recipes. Stay tuned……

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